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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, May 7 ,2019


Meeting called to order by President Doni Smith at 7:14 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber. 

Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion

Attendance sheet is being passed around.

A motion made by Joe Oswald seconded by Bill Manion to accept the Business Meeting Minutes from April 8 ,2019 and with all in favor, no opposition, motion approved.

Kitchen Duties: Brandon Allen, Eric Beecher, Brad Lashway

Chief Smith presented an award to Dennis Galloway for his lifetime achievement with the Department/ Company. 

President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items:

  • Newsletter is passed out to everyone. Extra copies will be posted outside of the comm room.
  • Physical sheets are passed out. 3 people every 15 minutes starting at 5pm.
  • The Mayor has approached us about doing a chicken BBQ in August for a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house. The Village would pay for everything, all we are responsible for is cooking it and serving it out. We also asked for BBQ racks of our own. We are waiting to see something in writing from the Mayor of what was discussed.


Vice President Paul Livingston – updated the membership on the following.

  • The Yukon got one bid from Bay Ridge Rescue Squad for $5,002.00. Being the only bid we are accepting it. We need to have it cleaned and de-lettered.
  • The antique we bought from South Carolina, our shipping bid is at $3,000. I am looking for another $1,500.00 to cover the shipping cost. Scott Smith made a motion to take 1,500.00 out of the money we are getting from the sale of the Yukon to put towards the rest of the shipping cost to get the new antique home. This motion was 2nd by Brandon Combs. All in favor. Motion carried.

Secretary, Jessica McKinney – updated the membership on the following.

  • Resignation letter from Austin Gentner. First reading.
  • Thank you letter from the Griffin family for the wonderful help from their fire on January 31, 2019.

Treasurer, Bob Leombruno – updated the membership on the following.

  • 63 vouchers totaling $24,181.00

Director, Garrett Ramsey- updated the membership on the following. 

  • No report.


Director, Mike Parsons – updated the membership on the following.

  • Has questions about the new cancer policy that the Village has. Doni Smith is going to look into seeing if an insurance representative will come to have a meeting and answer everyone’s questions about this policy.


Director, Jim Barber – updated the membership on the following.

  • No report.

Chief, Scott Smith  –   updated the membership on the following.

  • Thank you for response to calls, and to Konci Terrace.
  • Scott packs are not being put back on the truck correctly and masks are not being cleaned properly also, we need to get in the habit of properly cleaning them.
  • Standby crew for Bolton Friday night from 6pm-10pm
  • If anyone calls during fire calls you can not answer any questions to them. All of those need to go to command.
  • Memorial Day parade is coming up. May 24th work detail cleaning trucks for the parade the 25th.
  • Busy season is coming up, please everyone use caution while responding to the station and please use I am responding so we can get an idea of who is coming.
  • There are 7 bottles in the bay that need to be repaired. Please do not touch them.

1st Asst. Chief, Matt Oswald – updated the membership on the following.

  • Absent due to work. Chief Smith is reading his report.
  • Rescue tech basic starts 5/15/19 at Bay Ridge 7pm. Anyone interested please let me know.
  • Still waiting on dates for EVOC at North Queensbury.
  • IFO begins 5/20/19 at 6:30pm. Chestertown firehouse and Warren County Training Center. Anyone with Scene Support or BEFO that wants to be interior let me know to sign up.
  • Emergency boat operator course is being held at the NYS swift water training center in Oriskany, NY 5/22-5/24 8am-5pm. Any interest please see me.
  • MR-1 is planned to be in the water and in service this weekend. A message will be sent out for a detail ahead of time.
  • Drills for the month:
    • 5/14 MR-1 in service training to begin at 6:30pm
    • 5/21 and 5/28 are planned mandatory OSHA training. 6pm start time. If anything changes there will be notice.

2nd Asst. Chief– Brandon Combs

  • Bolton standby is coming up, if you would like to attend please see a Chief so your name can be added to a list.

Captain John Cocozza – updated the membership on the following.

  • 11 months until the next election.


1st Lieutenant Dennis Mitchell – updated the Membership on the following

  • Will be taking over the diving team.
  • There are 3 regulators that are back and are in service.
  • Would like to focus on a lot of diving drills this summer.

2nd Lieutenant Craig Underwood – updated the membership on the following.

  • Equipment needs to be put back on the trucks correctly. This is what we use everyday to do our jobs.
  • When doing equipment checks on trucks please pull out all of the packs and make sure that they are all good. Stretch out the straps, turn them on, make sure all of the bottles are full.
  • Please take pride in your firehouse and your equipment, pick up after yourself, keep your gear clean.






Standing Committees


Membership, Scott Smith- 2 applicants. Tom Williams, past member of Bay Ridge Fire for 10 years but has lived in the Village of Lake George for 2 years. Many certifications to come with. Vote: 22yes 1 no 0

Another application- change of status for Jay Liguori- he has resigned from Millerton Fire and had changed his residency to permanent Lake George. He is looking to go to full membership and no longer be a mutual aide member. Vote: 24 yes 0 no 0 abstentions.


Nominating, Bill Manion – no report


Auditing, John Kearney – no report




By-Law, Doni Smith –  Amendment to the by-law that states you have to make 10% of calls to be able to vote. “The by-law amendment I would request to be presented to the membership meeting in May’s general meeting is as follows; Article 5, Part D, Section 8 page 15, Requirement to attend 10% of fire calls should not apply to the right of a member who is otherwise in good standing to vote for administrative offices” This by-law amendment is going to be typed up and posted for 30 days.


Fire Prevention, John Cocozza- no report.


Phil Wood Award, Bill Manion – no report


Scholarship, Don Fangboner – will be picked tonight.


Social, Doni Smith – banquet went very well.


Chaplain, Bill Manion- no report


House, Don Fangboner- would no longer like to be head of the house committee. Would like to nominate Bob Evans to do it and take over the head.


Family Festival/Craft Show, Doni Smith- dates are posted for June


Fundraising, Mac MacDonald- all ready for the first sell


Parade/Uniform- Garrett Ramsey/John Cocozza- no report


Public Relations, Scott Smith- no report.


Recruitment and Retention/LOSAP- Mike Parsons/Bob Leombruno–  Mike- no report, Bob- April is being passed around.


Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey- Working on getting the red chief car fixed with the fuel issue and front end issue.


Hudson Valley/ FASNY, Bill Manion– still no parade for convention this year. 6/20 is the start of meetings in Latham.  


Special Committees


Sergeant-at-Arms, Bud Gerber- no report.


Auxiliary, Doni Smith- no report


A motion was made by Joe Oswald seconded by Eric Beecher to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.



Old Business:

  • Tag day letter for last year- Mac MacDonald would like us to really work on getting us a new van because it was put into the tag day letter last year and people are going to be coming in and wondering where the new van is. Bill Manion thinks that we need to leave specific things out of our letter and just say we need vehicles, office supplies, etc. One thing we would like to put into our tag day letter is for a new gear washer that will maybe wash more than one set of gear at a time. Also, Grant Gentner’s company, QBE, donates every year to a non-for-profit organization, he has asked his company for a $10,000 donation to be put towards a gear dryer that will dry 4 sets of gear and hose. We are not sure if we will be getting this $10,000 donation so maybe we should put them both in our tag day letter.
  • Tonight is the last night to get your job shirt and windbreaker orders in with money due, the order is going in tonight.

New Business:

  •  If you are standing by in the station, we need to police the new policy of no gear outside of the bay or comm room!
  • Thank you to Bill Manion for selling t-shirts and for turning in $740 tonight.


Closing Prayer – given by Bill Manion


A motion was made by Brandon Combs seconded by Brad Lashway adjourn at 8:57On pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jessica McKinney

Secretary, LGVFC