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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, July 2 ,2019

Meeting called to order by President Doni Smith at 7:50 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber.

Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion

 Attendance sheet is being passed around.

 A motion made by Brandon Combs seconded by Scott Smith to accept the Business Meeting Minutes from May 7 ,2019 and with all in favor, no opposition, motion approved.

 Kitchen Duties: Matt Oswald, John Cocozza, Craig Underwood


President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items:

  • Ronald McDonald BBQ in August is a no go.
  • We are getting the chicken BBQ racks donated this year from Warrensburg but, they are going to start charging as of next year because they get donated out so much. Should we look into getting our own racks or just get a fee from them?
  • Job Shirts and Windbreakers are in and they can be picked up Wednesday or Thursday this week.
  • Chicken BBQ is Friday July 5th– we have had a lot of donations from companies and businesses and our own members.
  • Chicken BBQ prep is tomorrow night at 6:30.

Vice President Paul Livingston – updated the membership on the following.

  • Thank you to everyone who helped cook dinner tonight.

Secretary, Jessica McKinney – updated the membership on the following.

  • Thank you card from Autumn Shaughnessy
  • River Street Athletic Club is offering a special at the gym for volunteer firefighters. $50 for 3 months of membership and $5 for a key.

Treasurer, Bob Leombruno – updated the membership on the following.

  • 52 vouchers were submitted totaling $20,204.49

Director, Garrett Ramsey- updated the membership on the following. 

  • No report


Director, Mike Parsons – updated the membership on the following.

  • Concerned about the tips if they were given at the times pizza was delivered to the firehouse.

Director, Jim Barber – updated the membership on the following.

  • Looking at getting village responsibilities. We are paying for things out of our budget that should be being paid by the village.

Chief, Scott Smith  –   updated the membership on the following.

  • Thanks for the great response.
  • Questions on the policy stating a 55mph policy is just for the interstate for any ems calls where 134 would respond, this also states that 130 would also respond to block off a lane, or route 9 which is also a 55mph speed limit  but the policy is staying the same and it is only for the interstate.
  • Any kind of boat fire, there is no policy but there is no need for turnout gear on the boat but, life jackets are a must at all times the second the boat leaves the dock.
  • Department physicals need to be done by the end of the month and anyone who missed a drug test also needs to be done, anyone who does not have physicals or drug tests will have their gear pulled from their lockers until a physical and drug test is conducted.
  • We were dispatched for a dive call at Kurosaka Lane that ended up being a Priority 1 ECHO response call. The patient is doing much better than expected and he will be coming home soon.
  • People need to be cautious and stand back on dive calls and other calls too, if you need to we have fire line tape, put it out and block off the call from other people entering the scene.
  • As most of you have noticed- the window to the comm room is broken. That individual is currently relieved of his duties per the village.

1st Asst. Chief, Matt Oswald – updated the membership on the following.

  • To fire police and safety officers, crowd control is something that definitely needs to be enforced.
  • Drills for the month are posted on the monthly newsletter.
  • Thank you to my other officers who helped out while I was working Tuesday nights for drills.
  • EVOC is starting at North Queensbury at 7:00 starting August 13th.
  • Still waiting on dates for water supply class.
  • We are a safe haven fire department now and there will be a sign posted outside of the building.

2nd Asst. Chief– Brandon Combs

  •  Please be cautious while responding, we are into our busy season.
  • OOT from July 12th-17th at the NYS training center and will be reachable.


Captain John Cocozza – updated the membership on the following.

  • No report


1st Lieutenant Dennis Mitchell – updated the Membership on the following

  • No report


2nd Lieutenant Craig Underwood – updated the membership on the following.

  • No report






Standing Committees


Membership, Scott Smith- no report


Nominating, Bill Manion – no report


Auditing, John Kearney – Someone paid their cell phone bill with their $400 online and we have no information as to who it was and we need the check for auditing purposes.




By-Law, Doni Smith –  We are going to have to get through August for next meeting hopefully.  


Fire Prevention, John Cocozza- Youth Commission Peppers are coming tomorrow at 9:30am.


Phil Wood Award, Bill Manion – no report


Scholarship, Don Fangboner – no report.


Social, Doni Smith – no report


Chaplain, Bill Manion- no report


House, Bob Evans- Doni Smith mentioned that Bob is doing a wonderful job at keeping the firehouse cleaned.


Family Festival/Craft Show, Doni Smith- went very well for June, August will be here before you know it. Thank you to everyone who helped.


Fundraising, Mac MacDonald- $2050.00 turned in from Bill Manion from his store. Tag Day letter was dropped off to mailings made easy today. If you are responding to the million dollar beach, do not come to the front gate, come to the side gate and someone will let you in.  


Parade/Uniform- Garrett Ramsey/John Cocozza- no report


Public Relations, Scott Smith- no report.


Recruitment and Retention/LOSAP- Mike Parsons/Bob Leombruno–  Mike- no report, Bob- June is being passed around and the ending of the quarter report- please do not forget to sign off that you saw it and it will be posted tonight after the meeting.


Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey- 134 needs and inspection and we are going to work on getting batteries for the dive van.  


Hudson Valley/ FASNY, Bill Manion– Boat ride is in September as well as home day.


Special Committees


Sergeant-at-Arms, Bud Gerber- no report.


Auxiliary, Doni Smith- no report


A motion was made by Joe Oswald seconded by Matt Oswald to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.



Old Business:

  • Nothing at this time


New Business:

  •  Nothing at this time.

Closing Prayer – given by Bill Manion


A motion was made by Brandon Combs seconded by Jeremy Crispell adjourn at 9:18 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jessica McKinney

Secretary, LGVFC