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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, May 1, 2018



Meeting called to order by President Smith at 7:05 pm.


 The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber. 


Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion. 


Attendance sheet is being passed around.


A motion made by Mac seconded by Brandon to accept the Business Meeting Minutes from April 2017 with all in favor, no opposition, motion approved.


President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items:  

  • Kitchen duties –  Hollis, Johnny, Garrett
  • Blood drive did very well!
  • Banquet was good, no complaints.
  • A statement was read about what has been going on with Jason Berry this past month.


Vice President Paul Livingston – updated the membership on the following.

  • Thanks for voting him in, trying to solve problems around here soon.
  • Please leave cell phones away during the meeting



Secretary, Jessica McKinney – updated the membership on the following.


  • Resignation letter from Michael Shaughnessy 1st reading
  • Resignation letter from Jason Berry 1st reading


Treasurer, Bob Leombruno  –  updated the membership on the following.


  • 30 vouchers 9,754.15


Director, Garrett Ramsey-  updated the membership on the following.  


  •  No report



Director, M Parsons –  updated the membership on the following.


  • No report


Director, Mac MacDonald  –  updated the membership on the following.


  • No report


Chief, S Smith  –   updated the membership on the following.


  • Thank you for the support!
  • My door is always open.
  • Apparatus will be PM’d- Vander Molten will be here.
  • When standing by in station during a call you must at least have your bunker pants on and be ready to go.


1st Asst. Chief, M Oswald – updated the membership on the following.


  • Excused for work. Chief Smith has his report.
  • Air compressor passed it’s test.
  • Classes that are out and available see Chief Smith if you are interested.


2nd Asst. – J Crispell

  • Drills for this month.
  • Waiting on paperwork for DEC grant to try to get brush gear for this season.
  • May 9th– quarterly dive meeting to discuss the summer schedule at 6:30pm.


Captain B Combs –  updated the membership on the following. 


  • Backstabbing causes trust issues.
  • Rumors need to stop of people around here.
  • Bolton standby May 12, 2018, sign up sheet outside the comm room.


1st Lieutenant J Cocozza – updated the Membership on the following


  • Thank you for the support


2nd Lieutenant A Gentner – updated the membership on the following. 


  • Gas meters are charged and calibrated.


Standing Committees



Auditing, J Kearney –  credit card issue trying to get resolved.


By-law, D Smith –  working on them in a couple weeks. An e-mail will be sent out


Fire Prevention, J Cocozza – would like to meet with Mike to get in the closets to see what we have and what we need.


Insurance, D Smith – no report


Membership, S Smith  –  3 pending applications- waiting to meet with them with the board.


Nominating, B Manion –  no report


Phil Wood Award, Mike Parsons–  Thank You from Bill Manion for his award at the banquet


Scholarship,  – nothing at this time.


Social, D Smith –  Banquet went over well.


Auxiliary, D Smith –  New members are up and posted.


Chaplain, B Manion –  wants to help get the flags out this year.



Special Committees


Sergeant-at-Arms, B Gerber – no report.


Family Festival, M Oswald – no report.


FASNY/HVVFA, B Manion –  Everything for convention is rolling along. We are back in the Escort Division.


Fund Raising – M MacDonald –  nothing at this time.


House – D Fangboner –  everything is looking good.


Parade/Uniform, M. MacDonald – no report


Public Relations – S Smith– no report.


Recruitment/Retention, M Parsons – no report


LOSAP, Bob Leombruno – Beneficiary forms need to be filled out for your LOSAP!


Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey –  Got all the DOT numbers from the tires. Two trucks need tires. Brush- has original 1995 tires on it. Tanker has 10 year old tires on it.


A motion was made by Johnny seconded by Brandon to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.


Old Business:

  • Jeremy Crispell made a motion to put the money set aside for the trailer and move it to put towards the dive van. Motion was 2nd by Austin Gentner. Discussion. Motion was tabled until next month.
  • Shot down for the grant for 330 again.



New Business:

  • Nothing at this time.




Closing Prayer – given by B Manion.


A motion was made by Brandon Combs  seconded by Mac MacDonald  to adjourn at 7:54 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Jessica McKinney

Secretary, LGVFC