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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, March  6, 2018



Meeting called to order by President Smith at 7:00 pm.


 The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber


Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion. 


Attendance sheet is being passed around.




A motion made by Austin G seconded by M Oswald to  accept the Business Meeting Minutes from February , with all in favor, no opposition, and motion approved.


President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items:  

·         Sending a card to the Eugene Baker (Bolton Fire Fighter) any thoughts on donation.

·         Jason Berry, (2nd by John C) made a motion to send a $250 donation to the Family ( Discussion) Yes – all in favor  NO – 0 Abs- 0  Motion Carried

·         We sent a card to Darlene Gunther with a $100 Gift card to the Old Log Inn

·         Two New committees were Established recently; Company Improvements and the Human resource Committee.

·         Kitchen Duties – Tyler Dupaw, Hank C, Bob Evans and Joe Oswald and Don Fanboner Volunteered as well.      




   Vice President Joe Oswald – updated the membership on the following.


·         .  Nothing at this time if you need anything let us know

·         Proud to say this is my 5th year in the fire company. Thank you all for the wisdom and experience you have given me. Also this marks my third year as an operator and I would like to thank. Jason Berry, Scott Smith, Paul L and past member Mike Berry for the advice and help.  


·         Read Joe Scotts Letter for the second time.  Motion Made by Matt Oswald 2nd by Jeremy Crispell to accept the letter and put it on file. Yes –all in favor No- 0 Abstention- 0 Motion carried

·         (Mike Parsons mentioned if there is anything we can do to help him out).( doni will look into it)    





Secretary, Don Fangboner – updated the membership on the following.


·         Did more research on Max ross they plan on doing a burial in late Abril

·         Nothing further





Treasurer, Garrett Ramsey –  updated the membership on the following.


·         Report of the financials for the month. Please see him

·         Voucher totals 32=32,841.92  



Director, A. Lanfear- updated the membership on the following. 


·         Nothing at this time ( Absent)


Director, M Parsons – updated the membership on the following.


·         Sloppy Vouchers please get on it. We cannot sign them unless they are down correctly



Director, P Livingston –  updated the membership on the following. 

·         Had a letter from Mike S will bring it to the  next meeting


Chief, J Berry –   updated the membership on the following.

·         Snow Coming tonight Standby crew 12- 10pm March 7th

·         New driving Policy going into effect April 1st it will be posted for all to see. (Policy was read)

·         Barrel Fest Standby Saturday need additional 3 people

·         Speaking to the village about event parking in the back. Fireman couldn’t get to calls during an event. Members only can park there.


·         Jason Mentioned that an off colored rumor was started about his wife “Leaving him” if he were to get elected. Jason has stated that this is not true and is extremely upset by this.


·         Austin G also stated that the rumor was said through him and told the membership that is completely false. Come see him for any questions







1st Asst. Chief, M Oswald – updated the membership on the following.


·         Responses have been great keep it up

·         Going to be drilling at Corklands place for the rest of the month.




2nd Asst. – vacant position



Captain B Combs –  updated the membership on the following. 


·         Bays are disgusting we need to work on them.

·         Dive equipment is all over the place it’s important that we maintain them this time of year since the season is coming up.




1st Lieutenant J Crispell – updated the Membership on the following


·         Sat march 10th  we are diving at Glens falls Pool

·         Saturday also an ice rescue drill in Potterville for the county marine team

·         43 calls this month, please put the right date and sign your name 





2nd Lieutenant J Cocozza – updated the membership on the following. 



Nothing at this time



Standing Committees



Auditing, J Kearney – Nothing



By-law, D Smith –   

·         Work on them after election




Fire Prevention, J Cocozza –   9 month



Insurance, D Smith – no report


Membership, J Berry –No report


Nominating, B Manion –  No report.


Phil Wood Award, Mike Parsons-  no report.


Scholarship, –  no report.


Social, D Smith – left messages for the Erlowest and the Marriott  





Auxiliary, D Smith – Blood drive April 28 9-3



Chaplain, B Manion –  Nothing  


Special Committees


Sergeant-at-Arms, B Gerber – no report.


Family Festival, M Oswald – June is coming any guys avalble please help if I need anything


FASNY/HVVFA, B Manion –  No report 


Fund Raising – M MacDonald –  No report


House – D Fangboner –  No report


Parade/Uniform, M. MacDonald –   No report



Public Relations – J Berry – No


Recruitment/Retention, M Parsons – No report  



LOSAP, Bob Leombruno –  Losap 2017 has been posted and will come off the board on the 15th and sent to the village so it can be sent to Pen flex.







Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey –  No report




A motion was made by J Oswald seconded by Matt Oswald to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.


Old Business:


·         Bill M mention a sheet for the funeral detail from Saturday? (Jeremy Crispell mentioned he will handle it).



New Business:

·         Jason Berry made a motion, 2nd by Matt O, to outfit the new dive trailer with shelves, light lettering and other items. It would come to a total of $4000 with $1000 coming from his vehicle account.


·         Paul L will be doing a lot of the wiring and work on the trailer saving the company a lot of money.


·         Also the Dive Van will be used as a Rehab truck for the members and the Ladies.


·         Scott Smith mentioned to look into rehab truck Grants.


·         Mike Parsons mentioned it going to be a disaster to work out of that trailer.


·         (Discussion on the motion)


·         Bob mentioned that we do not touch the tag day income for 2018. It’s already budgeted and accounted for. 


·         Scott Smith mention he would like to apologize for an off color remark he made at a meeting that offended a couple of people. He advised that it would not happen again.



Yes – 20 No- 3 Abstentions – 5   Motion carried












Closing Prayer – given by B Manion.


A motion was made by Joe Oswald     seconded by Eric B to adjourn at 9:10pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Don Fangboner

Secretary, LGVFC


Joseph Oswald Vice President, LGVFC