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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, February  6, 2018


Meeting called to order by President Smith at 7:00 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber

Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion. 

Attendance sheet is being passed around.

A motion made by J Oswald seconded by M Oswald to  accept the Business Meeting Minutes from January , with all in favor, no opposition, and motion approved.


President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items:  

  • Kitchen duties –  Eric Beecher, Brandon Combs, Jeremy Crispell
  • .Discussed dinner menu for election. Since we usually do corn beef and cabbage in March. Do we want to move steaks to march or keep it at April? Membership decided to have steaks for the March meeting.
  • Thanks to all that helped out for the Skeeter Creek concert

Vice President Joe Oswald – updated the membership on the following. 

  • . Nothing at this time if you need anything let us know
  • Read Joe Scotts resignation letter for the first time. (Will be read one more time at next business meeting)


Secretary, Don Fangboner – updated the membership on the following.

  • Thank you Angela Varnum for donating two old Indian tanks
  • Letter from High school Thanking us for our help with the after prom party
  • Letter from the Elementary School thanking us on our help in the community making the holidays wonderful for all of us.
  • This meeting would be 32 years of service to the company.
  • (Thank you Don)



Treasurer, Garrett Ramsey –  updated the membership on the following. 

  • Report of the financials for the month. Please see him
  • Voucher totals not available. Any questions please contact him
  • John’s fundraiser ended up just under $25000 for a total. Any more questions see me.
  • (Excused for work, read by Doni)

Director, A. Lanfear- updated the membership on the following. 

Excused for work. No report at this time


Director, M Parsons – updated the membership on the following. 

No report at this time


Director, P Livingston –  updated the membership on the following.

  • No report at this time

Chief, J Berry –   updated the membership on the following.

  • Darleen Gunther retired from village after 35 years. Would like to send her a card for all her help.
  • Resolution from the village read by Jason Berry, Involving running for office when it comes to chief. (see Chief for a copy of the letter)
  • (Bob leombruno mention that the letter should state time in the letter as well as training) 


1st Asst. Chief, M Oswald – updated the membership on the following.

  • Please fill air bottles after a call, if you don’t know LEARN!
  • Drills this month, ice rescue this Tuesday 7pm. The rest will be at the Corkland residence for interior work.
  • Swift Water class coming up, dates are to be determined depending on interest. Rescue tech basic is needed
  • (John Kearney asked Matt if they still do Swift Water Awareness as a requirement. Matt stated they combined that into Swift Water Rescue course itself.)
  • Thank you for all the help at the Chimney fire on Morgan Court. We were short man power but we did it. Thank you


2nd Asst. – vacant position 


Captain B Combs –  updated the membership on the following. 

  • Gumbee Suit are still on the rack. We had a possible dive call were we would have to pack those suits up and waste time doing work we didn’t have to do. Police yourselves put your suit away.
  • Start washing trucks better the salt is eating the trucks away


1st Lieutenant J Crispell – updated the Membership on the following

  • 39 calls this month
  • Please fill out sheets neatly and the right date.
  • Rich Morin is closing and we will be doing all our business with Adventurous Waterhorse.
  • Pool dive will be Sat 9am Feb 10th, March 10th, Abril 14th and May 12th


2nd Lieutenant J Cocozza – updated the membership on the following.  

  • Night response is good keep it up
  • New schedule for my treatments so I will be around more
  • Thank you for the fundraiser and all your help. It didn’t go unnoticed. 


Standing Committees 

Auditing, J Kearney – Running a month Behind                                                  

By-law, D Smith –   Rob Hickey led the Disscusion

  • Rob stated the Election Procedures Approved June 5th have major problems.
  • (Issues discussed as follows)
  • 1 Motion made by Rob, 2nd by Jason Berry to Waive Article 9 Section B C D
  • ( discussion on the motion) Yes- 19 No -2 Abstentions -2 Motion Passed
  • 2 Motion made by Rob 2nd by M Oswald to allow a 24Hr period to put Ballots in for election as well as a week for the Bod and Line officers to see who is qualified
  • (Disscusion on the motion) Yes -21 No-0 Abstentions-2 Motion Passed
  • 3 Motion made by Bill M 2nd by Rob Hickey  to keep Nominating of the floor for vacant positions at elections.
  • (Discussion on the Motion) Yes-4 No-17-Abstentions -2 Motion did not pass
  • 4 Robb Hickey 2nd by M Oswald made a motion to make it March or April for election.
  • (Disscussion on the motion) yes -19 no-2 Abstentions-2 Motion Passed



Fire Prevention, J Cocozza –   9 months 


Insurance, D Smith – no report

Membership, J Berry –No report

Nominating, B Manion –  No report.

Phil Wood Award, Mike Parsons-  no report.

Scholarship, –  no report.

Social, D Smith – Installation Dinner reserved at the fort  

Auxiliary, D Smith – Steak dinner issue for election. (Been handled in the Presidents report)

Chaplain, B Manion –  Corn beef for election !!!!

Special Committees

Sergeant-at-Arms, B Gerber – no report.

Family Festival, M Oswald – no report.

FASNY/HVVFA, B Manion –  No report 

Fund Raising – M MacDonald –  No report

House – D Fangboner –  No report

Parade/Uniform, M. MacDonald –   No report

Public Relations – J Berry – We have to be cautious on political stances with the sign

Recruitment/Retention, M Parsons – No report  

LOSAP, Bob Leombruno –

  • It is important to sign the sheets
  • Jan Is finished its going around.
  • Losap went to the village when it comes back it will be posted for 30 days
  • 209D letter read again from the BOD meeting (see doni for letter) requested funds. To meet the shortage of funds for Losap.
  • Bob wants the $28000 back in the account and it never should have come out of the account. Bob mentioned he will look into with the village.
  • (John Earl mention Jason Carmody moved funds out of 209D into his equipment budget which should not have happened.)

Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey –  No report



A motion was made by J Berry seconded by Grant G to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.

 Old Business:

Joe Scott’s resignation (which the letter was read for the first time)

New Business:

  • Jason Berry , 2nd by Austin G. Made a motion to purchase a Dive trailer from Rich Morin for $5500 from company approved funds, with the $2000 donation from the Winter Carnival totaling $7500. 


  • Mike Parsons Stated he is tired of spending company money.
  • Paul L Mentioned how he saw both the good and bad of the trailer.

(Discussion on the Motion) Yes-13 No-8 Abstentions -1 Motion Passed

  • Robb Hickey mention to Jason on how he was in direct violation of policy for using the credit card for the ice skating rink.
  • (discussion on the issue)
  • Motion made by Mike Parsons 2nd by Bob to suspended till the BOD meeting to discuss the issue.
  • Mike parson mention that there is no need for a motion and mentioned to doni that she can suspend his card anytime. Doni suspended Jason card till the BOD meeting
  • Jason made a pay the remainder of the ice skating rnk out of his personal pocket.(discussion on the motion. Yes-1 No-16 Abstentions- 3 Motion did not pass)
  • Grant 2nd by Rob Hickey made a motion to pay the remainder balance on the ice skating rink.(Disscussion on the motion) Yes -20 No-2 Abstentions- 1 Motion Passed

Closing Prayer – given by B Manion.


A motion was made by Robb Hickey    seconded by Eric B to adjourn at 9:18pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Don Fangboner

Secretary, LGVFC


Joseph Oswald Vice President, LGVFC