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Minutes of the Board of Directors – February 21, 2019


Meeting called to order by President Smith at 6:35 pm

Roll call was done by Secretary Jessica McKinney, roster attached;  


A motion was made by Paul Livingston with a second by Mike Parsons to accept the January 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes as distributed, all in favor, no opposition, motion was approved.


President Doni Smith:  updated the Board on the following items.

  • Discussion on cameras in the firehouse and possibility of switching over to Russ Chatham. It is cheaper and he offers a better package. Our cycle is 2/7/29-5/6/19.
  • Discussion on the Yukon. Quote from LAX for the transfer case and two bad door switches. Getting the part from Saunders for $1,095.00 plus $125 shipping. LAX will fix it for ~~$2,000 then we will discuss selling it and bringing it to the membership.
  • Insurance premiums for this year have gone up. Additional $625. Doni will be in touch with Anthony
  • 209-D money follow up e-mail from Jenn at the Town.

Vice President Paul Livingston:    updated the Board on the following.

  • 16 people who missed 3 meeting in a row for 2018. Would like to send them a letter warning them that if they happen to re-occur in 2019 they will be summoned to come before the Board.


Secretary Jessica McKinney:

  • OOT- March 8th- March 16th 2019

Treasurer Robert Leombruno:

  • No report.

 BOD Garrett Ramsey:  – updated the Board on the following:

  • No report

BOD Mike Parsons:    updated the Board on the following:

  • No report.


BOD Mac MacDonald:  updated the Board on the following:

  • Absent. No report

Old Business:

  • Nothing at this time.

New Business:  

  • Nothing at this time

The next board meeting will be on Monday March 18, 2019 at 7pm.

Motion to adjourn by Garrett Ramsey seconded by Mike Parsons with all in favor, motion accepted at 7:21pm.       


Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica McKinney, Secretary

Lake George Volunteer Fire Company Inc.