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Minutes of the Board of Directors – June 18, 2018


Meeting called to order by President Smith at 7:10pm

Roll call was done by Secretary Jessica McKinney , roster attached;  

 A motion was made by Paul with a second by Garrett to accept the July 23, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes as distributed, all in favor, no opposition, motion was approved.

President Doni Smith:  updated the Board on the following items.

  • We have taken over the Chief’s e-mail. We own that e-mail therefore we are able to have control over that e-mail.

Vice President Paul Livingston:    updated the Board on the following.

  • No report.

Secretary Jessica McKinney:

  • My apologies for my absence at the last meeting and my apologies for the delay in getting the minutes out, we had some technical difficulties transferring the recordings.
  • Read a letter to the board that is going to be sent to Jason Berry stating that all of his items

Treasurer Robert Leombruno:  

  • 26 vouchers totaling $8,881.04
  • Letter read to the board from MA Member Lynda Fisher and coordinator of craft show. A motion was made by Mike and 2nd by Garrett that Lynda can gift the company her $3,000 from the craft fair with intentions that AED’s will be purchased. All in favor. Motion carried.
  • Would like to see the price of t-shirts for members have the price move from $5 to $10 to profit more. Doni made comment that she would like every member get one each year for people who work at least 2 nights of service at Family Festival.
  • In house- LOSAP reports- hopefully we will have the full report in August.
  • Talked about the cell phone reimbursement 

BOD Garrett Ramsey:  – updated the Board on the following:

  • Under Vehicles: money needs to stop being spent, our budget is very low.


BOD Mike Parsons:    updated the Board on the following:

  • No report.

BOD Mac MacDonald:  updated the Board on the following:

  • Would like us to get a list together of what we need for our chicken barbeque for next year so we make sure that we have the money in the budget.

Old Business:

  • Nothing at this time.

New Business:  

  • Everyone should be taught at how to use the phones in the fire house.


The next board meeting will be on Wednesday July 22, 2018 at 7pm.

Motion to adjourn by Bob seconded by Paul with all in favor, motion accepted at 8:30pm.       

Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica McKinney, Secretary

Lake George Volunteer Fire Company Inc.