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Minutes of the Board of Directors – May 21, 201718


Meeting called to order by President Smith at 7:20 PM

Roll call was done by Secretary Jessica McKinney, roster attached; Doni Smith, Paul Livingston, Bill Manion, Mike Parsons, Mac MacDonald, Robert Leombruno, Don Fangboner, Robb Hickey, Garrett Ramsey, Hugh Sullivan, Jessica McKinney.

A motion was made by Mac with a second by Paul to accept the April 16, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes as distributed, all in favor, no opposition, motion was approved.

A motion was made by Garrett and second by Paul to accept the special board meeting minutes on

President Doni  Smith:  updated the Board on the following items.

  • Adding another computer to the comm room for $200. Only access will be to officers.
  • Demetria Fish is who we picked for the Scholarship
  • Jason Carmody is stirring up things about the Fire Company.

Vice President Paul Livingston:    updated the Board on the following.

  • No report

Secretary Jessica McKinney:


Treasurer Robert Leombruno:  


  • Service Awards to members no longer here should get mailed out.
  • Letters out to inactive members are still outstanding. They went out late so they still have time to get back to us.
  • At&t bill. Who is going to take it over?
  • Doni made a motion for Bob to write a letter to protect the fiduciaries of the AT&T bill. Second by Paul. All in favor. Motion Carried.
  • Financial Reports if anyone would like to look at them.
  • 12 voucher= $10,971.33

BOD Garrett Ramsey :  – updated the Board on the following:

  • No report.

BOD Mike Parsons:    updated the Board on the following:

  • No report.

BOD Mac MacDonald:  updated the Board on the following:

  • Bolton Fire Co. 100th anniversary. Brian LaFlure sent out a message that he would like us to get an ad together and put something in the chronicle. Doni added that we already have a plaque on order for them as well. We would like ¼ page. This is needed to be brought to the membership.

Old Business:

  • Nothing at this time.

New Business:  

  • Matt and Lynda took it upon themselves to say that the Methodist Church does not have to pay for the spot for the craft show. The Board disagrees and this needs to be put to the Membership. Everyone in every spot needs to pay for their spot, it is only fair.
  • Hugh brought up that if/when Jason Berry and Jason Carmody decide to come back to the company he would like us to make sure that neither of them will get the Past-Chief uniform. We need to write up a policy to state that once you resign, you start from the bottom of the totem pole and work your way up. It is Hugh’s job to write up a policy and present it to the Board at the next meeting.

The next board meeting will be on Monday, June 18, 2018 at 7pm.

Motion to adjourn by Paul, seconded by Garrett with all in favor, motion accepted at 8:56pm.       

Respectfully Submitted,

Jessica McKinney, Secretary

Lake George Volunteer Fire Company Inc.