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BOD Special Meeting Minutes: April 24, 2018


Attendance: Brandon Combs, Doni Smith, Paul Livingston, Garrett Ramsey, John Cocozza, Bob Leombruno, Mac MacDonald, Mike Parsons, Jessica McKinney.


  • Discussion on the computer issue with Jason Berry.
  • How are we going to get the files back?
  • Should this be turned over to the State Police?
  • This is a village issue and if this is going to the State Police, the Village of Lake George should make the phone call, this was done on a village computer.
  • He will be given two options:
    • Resign from the Lake George Vol Fire Company/Department and pay the bill to us for what we have put into the recovery of these files.
    • Turning this investigation over to the state police and he will still have to pay the bill to us for what we have put into the recovery of these files.
  • Doni will be getting a frim bill from Russ soon, he is already countless hours into this job.
  • Russ has recovered what he can with his software, if we want him to go further than he can but, he will have to purchase another set of software. There is still no guarantee that we will get all of these files back.
  • Doni was approached by the Village, they would like us to do something with Grant Gentner. It does not look good for us to keep him here while he’s on trial. It has been all over in the Post Star so, the community knows who he is.
  • Mike would like the Village to do something with him if they think they should since this was their idea.
  • Paul thinks he should take a leave of absence from the company.
  • He will be contacted by the President to meet with the Board for a discussion to take a leave of absence until this problem is resolved.