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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, November 6, 2018



Meeting called to order by President Doni Smith at 7:08 pm.


 The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber.


Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion


Attendance sheet is being passed around.


A motion made by Mac MacDonald seconded by Bill Manion to accept the Business Meeting Minutes from October 2 ,2018 with all in favor, no opposition, motion approved.


Kitchen Duties: Hank Chrzanowski, Don Fangboner, Ricky White


President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items:

  • Thank you for everyone who helped out with the basket raffle
  • Floors look great, lets keep them that way.
  • Good job on Halloween! It looked awesome!
  • Any committee that needs to submit a budget please get it in by the end of the month. We will be working on the budget at the beginning of December.

Vice President Paul Livingston – updated the membership on the following.

  • No report.

Secretary, Jessica McKinney – updated the membership on the following.

  • 2nd  reading of the resignation letter from Armondo Andreine
  • 1st reading of the resignation letter from Alex Lanfear.

Treasurer, Bob Leombruno  –  updated the membership on the following.

  • 26 vouchers totaling $9,930.95



Director, Garrett Ramsey- updated the membership on the following. 


  • No report.



Director, Mike Parsons – updated the membership on the following.

  • Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to Max Ross’ funeral.


Director, Mac MacDonald – updated the membership on the following.

  • No report


Chief, Scott Smith  –   updated the membership on the following.

  • Great response to the past few calls!
  • Holidays are coming up, please stay safe
  • We need to be checking the trucks after calls. Call sheets will be held until all trucks are up to par.
  • People are having their gear messed with and that needs to stop!
  • OOS for 8 days ending the 18th, starting saturday.
  • We have acquired Still Bay Lodge, that will be used for training purposes in the Spring, 22 rooms, 3 floors.

1st Asst. Chief, Matt Oswald – updated the membership on the following.

  • Excused for work-
  • Air compressor service is completed

2nd Asst. Chief– Jeremy Crispell

  • Pool dive schedule for Glens Falls Pool

Captain Brandon Combs – updated the membership on the following.

  • If you are asked to step away from a scene, that is for your own safety and
  • During my ff2 class there was a live burn and it got very hot in there which resulted in a steam burn, come to find out, my hood was no good, I am looking at getting new hoods that are better blocking hoods. See me to have your hood inspected to know if they are good anymore or not

1st Lieutenant John Cocozza – updated the Membership on the following

  • Members being on vacation,please, if you are available make a response

2nd Lieutenant Austin Gentner – updated the membership on the following.

  • Checking air packs after calls! Make sure they are filled and that the sheets are filled out after calls.
  • Dive van things being dismantles
  • Gas meters calibrated
  • OOS 10th-16th





Standing Committees


Membership, Scott Smith- 3 applications pending. Waiting for an HR meeting.


Nominating, Bill Manion – no report.


Auditing, John Kearney – no report.




By-Law, Doni Smith – Doing well, next meeting date will be determined


Fire Prevention, John Cocozza- no report.


Phil Wood Award, Bill Manion – no report


Scholarship, Don Fangboner – no report


Social, Doni Smith – sign up sheet for the Christmas party. December 1st at Holiday Inn, 6pm cocktail hour, 7pm dinner, bring a $15 gift.


Chaplain, Bill Manion- no report.


House, Don Fangboner- no report.


Family Festival/Craft Show, Matt Oswald- no report


Fundraising, Mac MacDonald- Scuba patches are in!


Parade/Uniform- Garrett Ramsey/John Cocozza- no report


Public Relations, Scott Smith- no report.


Recruitment and Retention/LOSAP- Mike Parsons/Bob Leombruno- LOSAP sheets are being passed around for this month.


Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey- 331 will be OOS on 11-7-18, going to Albany for a turbo issue.


Hudson Valley/ FASNY, Bill Manion– no report. 



Special Committees


Sergeant-at-Arms, Bud Gerber- no report.


Auxiliary, Doni Smith- Thank you letter read from the Auxiliary for the basket show.



A motion was made by Brandon Combs seconded by Austin Gentner to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.


Old Business:

New Business:

  • Bill Manion turned in $830 for t-shirt sales
  • Thank you to people who were here for halloween
  • Discussion on 209-D money
  • A Verizon representative has requested a meeting to speak to Verizon members, he is coming to our next monthly meeting on 12-4-18 at 6:45pm.


Closing Prayer – given by Bill Manion


A motion was made by Eric Beecher seconded by Brandon Combs to adjourn at 8:22 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Jessica McKinney

Secretary, LGVFC