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Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting

Tuesday, July 3, 2018



Meeting called to order by President Smith at 7:10 pm.


 The Pledge of Allegiance led by Bud Gerber. 


Opening prayer was done by Bill Manion. 


Attendance sheet is being passed around.


A motion made by Brandon seconded by Dennis to accept the Business Meeting Minutes from June 2018 with all in favor, no opposition, motion approved.


President, Doni Smith:  Updated the membership on the following items: 

  • Kitchen duties –  Tyler, Bob, Don
  • The Tag Day letter is going out this week. A motion was made by Johnny and 2nd by Brandon to send out the Tag Day letter. All in favor. No opposition, motion carried.
  • Thank you to Johnny for coming in and shampooing all of the carpets in the firehouse.
  • Thank you to everyone who came for Mardi Gras and the Dress Parade.
  • Chicken BBQ is this Friday, July 6. Thank you for all donations thus far.
  • A/C should be getting fixed soon.

Vice President Paul Livingston – updated the membership on the following.

  • Nothing at this time.


Secretary, Jessica McKinney – updated the membership on the following.

  • Thank you letter from Kathy Cummins
  • Thank you letter from Joe Hanlon family



Treasurer, Bob Leombruno  –  updated the membership on the following.


  • 24 vouchers totaling $8054.63

Director, Garrett Ramsey-  updated the membership on the following.  


  •  Nothing at this time



Director, M Parsons –  updated the membership on the following.


  • Nothing at this time.


Director, Mac MacDonald  –  updated the membership on the following.


  • Nothing at this time.


Chief, S Smith  –   updated the membership on the following.

  • Congratulations and Welcome to the new members.
  • Keep up the good response
  • Please make sure there is no stickers or patches or anything along those lines on your helmet, or gear issued by the company unless it is approved by the Chief.
  • Please make sure that you are carefully responding to calls and not using excessive speeds. We have had complaints by neighbors in the area.

1st Asst. Chief, M Oswald – updated the membership on the following.


  • Excused for work. Chief Smith has his report.
  • Watch fuel levels on 132 and 134.
  • New schedule for trainings are out
  • 7-9 and 7-16 fit testing 1800





2nd Asst. – J Crispell

  • Excused for work
  • Reports are going good. Please make sure that you write in the summary of the call. Please put a star next to your name on the sheet if you were the riding sheet


Captain B Combs – updated the membership on the following. 

  • Chicken BBQ is this weekend.
  • Driving list; Scott and Brandon are going to make a list of people who are able to drive
  • Watch the driving to the station- always obey traffic laws
  • Please watch yourself in the heat this summer and stay hydrated.


1st Lieutenant J Cocozza – updated the Membership on the following


  • Welcome to new members
  • Tommorow for 4th of July, please try to use IAR so we know what crew we have coming
  • Great response to the dive call yesterday- 22 people
  • Keep up the good responses

2nd Lieutenant A Gentner – updated the membership on the following. 

  • Excused for work. Captain Combs has his report.
  • Gas meters are calibrated.
  • Flir camera batteries have been changed
  • Use caution when responding to calls with increased traffic.
  • It’s hot out, stay hydrated.
  • Congratulations to Craig Underwood for being hired by LGEMS and to Joe Oswald for being hired by Luzerne EMS
  • Great job to everyone on the ECHO call at the boulders
  • Dive drills on Sunday’s have been changed from 7am to 8am, leaving the station no later than 8:30.
  • Good job with responses, please remember to keep the trucks filled up
  • Going to be having a meeting with Bob Bulman for a pre-plan for dive calls.



Standing Committees



Auditing, J Kearney –  no report.


By-law, D Smith –  Meeting 7-23 at 7pm


Fire Prevention, J Cocozza – contacting the school for head count for October

Ray went last month to the church and did a fire prevention presentation and the

Youth Commission kids came up here

Insurance, D Smith – no report


Membership, S Smith- no report


Nominating, B Manion –  no report


Phil Wood Award, B Manion- no report


Scholarship,  – no report


Social, D Smith –  nothing at this time


Auxiliary, D Smith – Doing wonderful help for the Chicken BBQ this year


Chaplain, B Manion –  Nice memorial service at the Convention this year



Special Committees


Sergeant-at-Arms, B Gerber-


Family Festival, M Oswald – Thank you for help with set up and break down of the June craft fair.


FASNY/HVVFA, B Manion- Convention is in Latham as of right now there is no parades.


Fund Raising – M MacDonald – New hoodies will not be ordered at this time. The price of them has gone up too high.

Bill Manion turned in $2,030 from the store.


House – D Fangboner –  no report


Parade/Uniform, G. Ramsey – got everyone in a uniform to march in the dress parade even all 4 of the new members


Public Relations – S Smith– no report.


Recruitment/Retention, M Parsons – no report.


LOSAP, Bob Leombruno – LOSAP report for last month is being passed around and will be posted after tonight’s meeting.


Vehicles, Garrett Ramsey –  Matt’s Chief’s car has new rims getting put on plus an inspection and service is due. Dive van is also going to need some front-end work soon.


A motion was made by Brandon seconded by Dennis to accept the Special Committee and Standing Committee reports as read.  All in favor, no opposition, motion carried.


Old Business:

  • What was said last month during Asst. Chief Crispell’s report last month about attire on EMS scenes was not true and was not actually said.
  • Watch how you respond to calls in Chief’s cars.
  • Family Fun day- Doni spoke to Kevin from Warrensburg Fire- they have all of the materials and we should be able to get the $1,500 fee waived for Charles park.




New Business:

  • DEC grant applications is in and it is a $1,500 matching. Chief Smith made a motion that we apply and if we get the grant we will match the $1,500 DEC grant this was 2nd by Bill Manion. This motion was tabled until next month until further investigation into the budget. *Village Money*
  • Terry Combs has just been appointed a new K-9 unit. The Warren County K-9 unit is looking for donations to help keep the K-9 unit Paul made a motion that we donate $150 to the Warren County K-9 unit 2nd by Bob Evans. Motion Passed.



Closing Prayer – given by B Manion.


A motion was made by Johnny seconded by Mac   to adjourn at 8:10 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Jessica McKinney

Secretary, LGVFC